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Please see below tables. (quantity is adjustable)

Domestic Overseas
Ea*Layer = 1P/L pcs 1 container Ea*Layer = 1P/L pcs 1 container
250ml 389*22=8,558(pcs) 389*21=8,169(pcs) 8,558*20P/L=171,160(pcs) 8,169*20P/L=163,380(pcs) 389*22=8,558(pcs) 389*21=8,169(pcs) 8,558*16P/L=136,928(pcs) 8,169*16P/L=130,704(pcs)
330ml 389*18=7,002(pcs) 7,002*20P/L=140,040(pcs) 389*18=7,002(pcs)  7,002*16P/L=112,032(pcs)
350ml 389*17=6,613(pcs) 6613*20P/L=132,260(pcs) 399*17=6,783(pcs) 389*17=6,613(pcs) 6,783*16P/L=108,528(pcs) 6,613*16P/L=105,808(pcs)
500ml 389*12=4,668(pcs) 4668*20P/L =93,360(pcs) 389*13=5,057(pcs) 5,057*16P/L=80,912(pcs)

Domestic Overseas
Ea*Bag*Layer = 1P/L pcs Ea*Bag*Layer = 1P/L pcs
206 SOT Wide 470*16*25=188,000(pcs) 470*16*25=188,000(pcs)
206 SOT Narrow 500*16*25=200,000(pcs) 210*16*17=57,120 (pcs) 500*16*25=200,000(pcs)
206 SOT Embossed 500*16*25=200,000(pcs) 500*16*25=200,000(pcs)
209 FOE Full 515*14*25=180,250(pcs)