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Would you like to work with us?
We welcome anyone who embraces challenges and is ready to learn!
Below are some of our senior staffs and their job descriptions.
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General Affairs Division


Sales Department

Aluminum cans are essential in everyday life yet more recyclable and convenient compared to other packaging such as pet bottles and foil packs. 

Training at the factory and personally operating the various facilities not only allowed me to establish strong fundamentals in this industry but also a thorough understanding of the details that goes into the production of aluminum cans. After relocating into the marketing department, my job consists of marketing research, assisting customers with problems regarding our products, developing new customers, and processing order shipments. Whenever a customer receives a satisfactory product gives me a sense of accomplishment and happiness. For that reason, I will continue to create strong relationships with new and existing customers. 

Fountaincan Corp. has been established for more than 40 years. We will thrive to produce the best aluminum cans for our customers with the goal of maintaining sustainable growth. 

General Affairs Department

General affairs department is the key to the efficiency of our company by allowing each staff to fully demonstrate their abilities in their respective fields. Our tasks include: asset management, legal correspondence, disaster prevention measures, performance evaluation, and operation management system.

Our human resource department is responsible for the recruitment of new staff members, talent allocation, pre- and post- career evaluation, training arrangement, salary bonus distribution and dealing with various staff-related issues. In addition, the human resource department often engages in meetings with executive staff members to help establish new systems and regulations when necessary. 


Accounting Department

My career started as a member in the accounting department in Fountaincan Corp. in 2020. The accounting department mainly handles asset and tax related calculations as well as analyzing data for reference to important executive decisions.

Personally, my job includes the calculations of the annual budget, confirmation of mid-term plans, export tax, salary distribution, and quotation/ investment evaluations. Participating in these calculations allow me to fully understand the relationship between cost and income and methods to balance the two in order to maximize profit for our company. 

This job not only improved my ability to approach problems with a more comprehensive mindset but also the ability to work adhesively with my colleagues. 

Procurement department

Procurement department mainly focuses on the purchasing of production related products such as raw materials and spare parts. We are also responsible for repairs, product evaluation, import and export management etc. It is our job to ensure the quality of these products while justifying the cost. 

Due to the cross-departmental nature of the procurement department, our staff members must be able to communicate effectively with their colleagues in order to work as a team. A basic understanding for accounting will also be required for the calculations necessary when managing inventory and cost of these production related products. 


Production Division


DI Production

A lot goes into the process of transforming a piece of aluminum into an aluminum can that we use in everyday life. The process starts from aluminum coil 🡪 cupping 🡪 drawing🡪 riming🡪can washing🡪decorating🡪 inner coating🡪necking🡪inner surface inspection🡪 quality control🡪final quality confirmation🡪 shipment to client. As you can see, the formation of an aluminum can requires multiple stages and quality inspections at almost every stage of its production. As a result, we are able to produce the best aluminum can possible for our customers.

Fountaincan Corp. has been constantly acquiring new machineries from oversea suppliers and is currently planning on purchasing a new production line with the newest equipment capable of producing a variety of can types with better consistency in terms of quality.

Fountaincan Corp. has been established for 40 years and we will continue to value quality, technicality, customer satisfaction, and sustainable development. We welcome everyone with experience in operating machines to join our department.

EOE Production

Since the establishment of Fountaincan Corp. in 1980, we have been providing our products to various domestic and international beverage manufactures. Our company possesses advanced technology for the production of 206 aluminum ends as well as the only 209 full open ends in Taiwan. Our products have demonstrated consistency in both quality and production efficiency for our customers. In addition, Fountaincan Corp. also provides training classes for new and existing faculty members every year so that existing members can continue to improve their work abilities while new members can easily integrate into our system. 

The production process of the aluminum ends starts from aluminum coil🡪 shell pressing🡪END liner🡪ring formation🡪cap-forming🡪light testing🡪packaging🡪warehousing. All packaging rooms are also equipped with a locker room and a disinfection room which demonstrates Fountaincan Corp’s high standards for quality control.

We welcome anyone passionate about aluminum end producing into our big family at Fountaincan Corp. 


Plate-making Department

The precision and quality of product packaging plays an important role in communicating with consumers. Therefore, creating an outstanding packaging allows a product to stand out among other products. 

Fountaincan Corp. utilizes precise plate-making technology, combined with unique ink properties and 7 color printers, to produce high quality designs on our products. 

The staff members in the plate-making department are highly skilled in computer graphic design and are fully capable of transforming digital files we receive into the actual design that our customers desire. We welcome any new members interested in this field to join us.

R&D Department

As food safety and environmental consciousness rise day by day, Fountaincan Corp. continually work towards our goal of producing aluminum cans that are lighter, safer and more eco-friendly. We successively obtained a number of certifications in quality management and food safety which ensures that all of our products qualify under high manufacturing standards.

The R&C department mainly focuses on the inspection of raw materials, optimization of equipment parts, inspection of wastewater, monitorization of the factory environment, and the management of food safety certificate documents such as ISO HACCP and FSSC. For the past 40 years the R&D department in Fountaincan Corp has been making breakthroughs in the industry by combining our profession in aluminum metal physicochemical field with knowledge of production. We look forward to seeing new members join our R&C department. 


Quality Control Department

The DI department plays a key role in the verification of quality from the beginning of production up to the shipment of our products. As a result, staff members of the DI department must be alert at all times to ensure no defective product slips through to our customers. 

Production of aluminum cans consists of multiple procedures yet at every stage of production, a dedicated staff member is placed to constantly monitor the process and report malfunctions whenever necessary. 

The various tests of reliability and quality combined with effective communication between our staff members allows us to maintain the highest quality standard for our products.